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Maverick & Associates
2011 Lawrence Ave. West, Unit 14
Weston, Ontario
M9N 3V3
Tel: 416-242-7892
Fax: 416-242-3163

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Imagine the advantage of having your accountant looking over your shoulder while you do your books. With the Maverick & Associates Webbooks system, you can share your accounting system with your accountant any time you like.

Not sure about which account to post that amount too? If you have any question, problem or concern, a quick call to Maverick and Associates office is all that’s required to have your accountant join you in your accounting program.

With the Webbooks system, you can do as little or as much of your own books as you like, and let
Maverick & Associates
do the rest.

All that’s required for the Maverick & Associates Webbooks systems is a high speed connection to the internet and Windows 2000 or XP Professional.

For more information, please contact
Tony Montaldi


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